Do we actually have to accept comments now to make them show up? I was reading some responses to something I posted and there's a little checkmark box on the page they are posted on (meaning not in my inbox, but on the article.)

Ugh. Just when I get used to our financial situation (where I'm not bringing in a lot of money and hedgehim is the breadwinner but we have enough to get by), one of his best friends just got engaged and is perhaps having the wedding in August in Australia (where he lives). We were already planning a long trip to…

I can't even deal with the comments on the Domino's article. It's a large amount of "Aw, stealing someone's number from a business transaction and then contacting them isn't harassment" and stories of people having similar things happen to them. I never want to give my personal information to a business ever again.

Cheri Gerou of Evergreen is the only Republican in the Colorado House who is supporting the civil union bill. I just saw her on the news and she said "Religion teaches us that equality is the moral thing to do." What a nice thing to hear.

Bleh. Missed two bcp pills and now I have an early period, several days later. Guess it's better than the alternative, but I think it might be time to seriously start considering an IUD. Anyone got Mirena vs Paragard anecdotes?

I'm waiting to hear back about a job at a pet store, which I am kind of on the fence about. The manager who interviewed me made the hilarious "cats are like women because you never know what they want" joke, which made me cringe. I love the pet industry, and have me own pet portrait business, so networking would be…

Am I the only one who doesn't like that we can't see the zapped troll comments after they've been taken down? I liked the transparency of the troll patrol page when we could check out what was deemed inappropriate. Now, comment threads sometimes just disappear and I can't really remember what they said, so I don't…


I randomly tuned to NPR, and listened to an interview with a female comedian about half way through. My first thought was that she had such a pretty voice. Then, they started talking about Sarah Palin impersonations and I was like "This is Tina Fey??"

I asked my husband with help to look over my resume and cover letter for a job I applied for on Thursday of last week (and really, really want.) Now he keeps asking if I've heard back...after two business days.

Guhhhh, I just found a listing for a job that I actually might be qualified for in a field and place I'd love to work in. I'm all nerves and wondering if it is even worth it to apply, since I haven't had a "real job" in a year and a half.

A couple days ago, someone posted a picture on GT of a restaurant receipt where a pastor had crossed off the tip line saying "I give 10 percent to god, why do you get 18." Here is the story of the aftermath of that picture going viral -