In any other context this would be SO inappropriate for this space, but I am laughing and laughing at the image of force feeding a passed out person brownies as a stand in for CPR (with Another One Bites the Dust as the background music for the proper pace.) » 3/05/15 6:34pm Yesterday 6:34pm

I think the problem is the rescue would prefer you try to make the situation better for the pet instead of surrendering them. Giving a pet up can be the best solution but rescues see A LOT of people just dumping pets for stupid reasons without trying to fix the situation first. » 3/01/15 12:15pm Sunday 12:15pm

Listen for a "SNORE. SNORE. Snort! Silence" repitition. My dad learned about sleep apnea by randomly catching a segment on Oprah (not my dad's usual kind of show at all) and then realized my mom has it. She now has the doo-hicky machine to make sure she is breathing at night. » 2/27/15 10:18am 2/27/15 10:18am