This may go poof a little later.

Over the holiday break, Hedgehim and I decided to take a last minute trip to New Orleans, which meant we had to figure out what to do with our dog, Indiana. While we couldn’t get a dogsitter to stay at our place on short notice (what we usually do), our usual dog daycare had space for boarding. Our flight home was set to arrive at 6pm, after the daycare closed, so I arranged to have a dog walker pick Indiana up and leave him in his crate around 4pm. I’ve used the same dog walking service over a year for daily walks and overnight stays with Indiana, with a few different walkers.


When I landed, I came back to this text from the dog walker:

It was nice meeting Indiana! Aside from him stealing a treat from the pet store and biting me when I tried to take it away we had a nice visit. Crated him up when we got back. Also I started the timer really late but I was with him for the full half hour.


Which was pretty shocking, but since I didn’t have any missed calls from the walker or the daycare, I wasn’t too worried and assumed it was just a snap. I responded:

Just got home and Indiana is looking great; thank you for picking him up. I’m so sorry that he snapped at you. Are you alright? Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Happy New Year


After a day of radio silence (New Years Day, so understandable) I messaged the owner of the dogwalking company for an update. I received:

*Dogwalker* is okay. Indiana got him pretty good so he’s got a puncture wound in his hand, but *dogwalker* cleaned it out right away when he got home and it’s starting to heal. Nothing to be further concerned with.


To me, this is really horrible, but I am not sure what I should do since the owner of the dog walking company hasn’t laid out any next steps. So, what would you do? Just leave a large tip and leave it at that? Continue to follow up and offer to pay any bills? Nothing?

For more background - in the seven years I’ve had him, Indiana has snapped at me three times, when he somehow managed to steal a primo food item from a counter and smuggle it into his crate, once a ham bone, once a tbone and once it was an apple core (??) But he’s never bitten anyone, to my knowledge, and food aggressiveness against people has never been an issue day to day/with regular food and treats. He has gotten snappy with other dogs but never bitten one. He lets his two cat brothers eat out of his bowl.


I’ll be trying to recreate some high stakes food stealing scenarios to train any food aggressiveness against people out of him.

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